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1. What areas are covered on the MBE?

   There are 7 different areas tested on the MBE:

       1. Civil Procedure
       2. Constitutional Law
       3. Contracts
       4. Criminal Law and Procedure
       5. Evidence
       6. Property
       7. Torts

2. Do MyBarPrep's materials cover all areas covered on the MBE?

Yes. MyBarPrep's materials focuses on each of the areas tested on the MBE. All of our practice exam questions are based on topics that are routinely tested on the MBE.

3. What types of questions are contained in the MBE?

The MBE consists of 200 multiple-choice questions covering six areas of law.

4. What is included in the MyBarPrep Program?

The MyBarPrep Program includes over 200 pages of easy-to-read outlines containing an excellent review of each of the content areas, over 2,000 practice exam questions with complete explanatory answers, and career advice for obtaining a great position coming out of law school.

5. How can I develop my test-taking proficiency for the MBE?

You will have access to numerous established test-taking strategies discussed in our Membership Section and the best way to improve your test-taking skills for the MBE is by taking our practice exams and reviewing the explanatory answers.

6. How can I order MyBarPrep's Home Study Program?

You can order through six easy ways: Credit Card; PayPal; FAX Ordering; Postal Mail; Phone; and Purchase Order.

7. What Is MyBarPrep?

MyBarPrep is a revolutionary bar exam program that combines ground breaking technology with well-written legal summaries, questions, and explanations. MyBarPrep also provides an area of relaxation and fun for Members. Non-Members can see a sample of what we have in store with our interactive legal crossword puzzle.

8. May I Share My MyBarPrep Membership?

No. Please see our Terms of Use . In order to keep costs low for everyone, we insist that Memberships not be shared. You are held responsible for keeping your User ID and Password private and we will enforce our Terms of Service in this regard. However, if your law firm or legal association would like to purchase a blanket number of Memberships, we can offer special reduced prices. Please click here to contact us via email.

9. How Long Is A Membership?

Your Membership is for one full year from your date of purchase.

10. What If I Don't Pass The Bar Exam On The First Try?

When you join MyBarPrep, whether you pass or do not pass, you will have access to our outlines and questions/answers for one-year from your date of purchase.

11. What Makes MyBarPrep Different?

MyBarPrep is the most efficient way to prepare for your exam. Our Web site is designed to incrementally expose you to the intricacies tested on the Multistate by breaking down each area of law into manageable segments of study. Our practice questions are immediately preceded by summaries of relevant areas of law and our exam questions are accompanied with thorough explanations to enhance your comprehension in record time.

12. Why Can't I Sign In?

If you are a Member of MyBarPrep and are having trouble signing in, here are some things to check:
Our security measures utilize PHP. This requires that you enable session cookies in your browser. A session cookie does not write any information to your computer drive, but rather tracks you at the site during each session to ensure that you have access to all secure pages after you sign-in. Make sure you are using the correct User ID and Password. User IDs and Passwords are case sensitive. The MyBarPrep site is optimized for 4.0+ browsers. If your browser is not at least a 4.0 version, you may miss some of the interactive features.

13. I Lost My Password. Can You Send It To Me?

Yes. If you provide us the email address under which you registered, along with your order number that you received upon signing up for your MyBarPrep Membership. The short answer is to carefully store your Password, order number, and the email address used at the time of your registration.

14. Surveys and Email Feedback?

Our surveys help us obtain feedback. Your answers and suggestions help us improve our service and allow us to develop new and innovative tools. Information submitted through surveys and via email becomes property of MyBarPrep. We will preserve your privacy, but reserve the right to use your name and school or company affiliation for our success stories and testimonials. We will not release your contact information in these testimonials. If you would like to email us your feedback or success story but would like it to remain confidential, please express your intention clearly in your email.

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