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FREE legal forms.

Law Clerk Connection, LLC
Providing Legal Professionals with a Competitive Edge.

California Bar Exam Repeaters Blog
The Life and Times of a State of California Bar Examination Repeater.

The Affiliates
Legal jobs site, allowing search by zip code.

California Primer
Free information for the California bar exam.

The Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice
Established to promote balanced and humane criminal justice policies that reduce incarceration and promote long-term public safety.

CLE Requirements by State
Get use to the continuing education requirements. Check here for the requirements of your state.

Corporation Information
Find your way to each state's Secretary of State office online.

Company Sleuth
A great place to get information on major companies.

Court Rules and Dockets
This site includes links to over 1,400 sources for state and federal court rules, forms and dockets.

Delta Theta Phi
Law Fraternity, International.

Sponsored by the ABA Law Practice Section, e-lawyering provides case studies, resources and information on how technology and the practice of law meet.

Federal Districts
Links to the Federal District Courts.

Find Jobs
Nice guide from Cornell University Law Library for finding legal information on the Internet.

See updates of cases just handed down. Available by jurisdiction and area of law.

Internet Legal Research Group
A categorized index of more than 4,000 select web sites.

Judicial Courts and Decisions
Supreme Court cases from 1790 and selected federal and state cases from January 1, 1996.

LLRX Zimmerman's Research Guide
LLRX is a great place to learn more about legal research on the Internet. Check around the site for all sorts of resources and assistance.

A legal portal offering various services (such as legal forms, research), many for a fee.

A large page of the most common legal link starting points, organized into categories.
An extensive directory containing links to over 15,000 legal related resources. This site is based on a customized "slice" of data from the Open Directory Project and is organized in a very logical fashion.

Legal career center from with approximately 2,000 job listings obtained from classifieds placed in newspapers around the country that belong to the American Lawyers Media group and from legal recruiters that place advertisements directly on the site.

A comprehensive listing of Law Journals provided by Washburn University School of Law.

Jobs area link. Of course you don't want to miss the marketing tips for law offices either.

Legal news, case brief bank, legal job area, law firms by state, LSAT, law school links and links to bar preparation courses.

A great resource for buying and selling law books, case books and bar study materials.

Lawyers Express
A small collection of links by a busy lawyer for other busy lawyers.

Lawyer's Weekly
A great resource of news for lawyers and law students.

Legal Careers
From Martindale Hubble, searchable legal job database by state.

Legal coverage for less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day!
No matter what kind of legal situation you face, you can depend on your Prepaid Legal membership to save you money and time. Get the legal help you need when you need it without worrying about the cost.

Legal Ethics
Discussions on ethics in the practice of law; recent ethical opinons and cases.

A legal resources and information web site.

Legal Information Institute (LLI)
Great resource from Cornell University. Search by subject.
A Legal Resource Site to current legal issues featuring a quarterly newsletter, FAQs and in-depth articles on 29+ areas of law.

Explore the Universe of Legal Research.

The lexisONE Legal Web Search Engine allows search of the entire lexisONE site, 6000 Legal Forms, the Legal Internet Guide and over 20,000 Legal Web sites.

Library Spot
A great resource and a great place to start just about any research project.

Rainmaker training system for lawyers.

My Academic Only Home
Where Student Meets Academe.

Navigating the Maze of Criminal Records Retrieval
Article from LLRX discussing how criminal records are maintained and the alternatives available for retrieval.

New England Innocence Project
The NEIP is part of a national network of regional Innocence Projects.

New York Lawyer
While based in New York, the New York lawyer carries national law firm related news and information for young lawyers. Do look at Passing the Bar, New York based, but still gives an idea of the general bar exam format.

Phoenix School of Law
Make the move to further your career, change your life, fulfill your dreams, and achieve success. Phoenix School of Law can unlock your potential and provide the pathway to your future. You have aspirations; what are you waiting for?

Public Records Databases
Searchable, international information.

Real Law
Good links on tenant/landlord, civil litigation, business, immigration, real estate, personal injury and tax.

Resource Discovery Network
A free Internet service dedicated to providing effective access to high quality Internet resources for
the learning, teaching and research community.

Salary Finder
Interested in finding the salary ranges in a specific profession?

Slip Opinion List Serves
Updated article on free and subscription based e-mail Slip Opinion services.

Need any thing legislative, start with Thomas.

Watch Education
Education resources list for colleges, online learning, online course, early childhood, home schooling, education subjects etc.

West LegalEd Center
You may not need it now, but you will once you pass the bar! A list of currently 83 resources for CLE on the Internet.

World Wild Virtual Library
A catalog of all the VL Divisions worldwide, and a service provided to the 250+ VL Maintainers and the public at large.


A Cogent Summary of Federal Jurisdiction
by Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S, discussing the distinction between foreign and domestic jurisdictions.

Constitutional Case Law

Wilkinson vs. Dormire
No 00-3383 (8th Cir. May 10, 2001), "Could I call my lawyer?" is not a clear request to exercise a fifth amendment right and does not require ceasing interrogation nor is it grounds for a petition for habeas relief.

Republican Party of Minnesota vs. Kelly
Cannon 5 of Minnesota's Code of Judicial Conduct bars candidates for some judicial offices from
participating in certain political activities.

Shrum vs. Kluck
Failure to warn of alleged misbehavior by teacher with children does not constitute sufficient constitutional violation as to warrant Section 183 liability.

Wildman vs. Marshall Town School District
Requiring a written letter of apology for critical remarks made against a coach as a condition for being reinstated on the team does not deprive student of First Amendment rights.

Contract Case Law

ABC Electric, Inc. vs. Nebraska Beef
Quantum Meruit therory under Nebraska law doesn't require parties to be privy to a contract,
therefore recovery is available to an unpaid subcontractor from the project manager.

American Shizuki vs. IBM
Letter of Intent to purchase does not create promissory estoppel when letter was not relied upon.

Criminal Case Law

Cross vs. Bruton
Minnesota Supreme Court ruling that each allegation of domestic violence need not be proved beyond a reasonable doubt is not unreasonable under federal law.

Fann vs. Boxer
Attorney's failure to anticipate change in law does not constitute ineffective counsel.

Painter vs. State of Iowa
Habeas action barred by time under 28 USC 2244, et seq., because the date for direct review of a
conviction is completed. The date for an application for state post-conviction relief counts against
the one-year statute of limitations.

U.S. vs. Allen
Informing accused of line up results after his request for an attorney is not interrogation; accused asking to speak to police after having requested counsel is waiver to right to counsel being present.

U.S. vs. Benning
Defendant's responsibility to know and understand state's limitation on possession of firearm after conviction of crime of violence.

U.S. vs. Favela
Defendant's encounter with plain clothes police in a public place who did not show weapons is not
seizure or unlawful detention.

U.S. vs. Franklin
Prosecutor's mention of a gun not in evidence was harmless error in light of the substantial evidence
against the defendant.

US vs. Gillette
No 00-2889 (8th Cir. April 16, 2001) Officer who performed a search aware of the consent given to another deputy; therefore, his search of defendant's vehicle is valid.

U.S. vs. Hill
Evidence of past undisputed crime showing intent in present charge is properly admissible under Fed. R. Ev. 404(b).

U.S. vs. McGlothlin
The Mandatory Victim's Restitution Act 1996, 18 USC 3664, requires District Court to set a detailed payment schedule at time of sentencing.

U.S. vs. Mayotte
Federal Court has discretion to impose a sentence to be served consecutively with a state sentence not yet imposed.

US vs. Murphy
Right to downward departure needs to be raised at sentencing at the district court level, otherwise it is waived.

US vs. Nation
Storage of items common to production of methamphetamine raised sufficient suspicion of criminal activity to support search warrant, US Court of Appeals, 8th Circuit.

U.S. vs. Ray
Failure of jury to reach a verdict in the first trial does not constitute Double Jeopardy.

U.S. vs. Thomas
When officer observes suspected bank robbery in progress and subsequently gives chase, probable cause exists to search stopped vehicle for officer's safety.

U.S. vs. Wright
Indictment under 18 USC 2119(1) is defective for failing to allege wrongful conduct.

Wilcox vs. Hopkins
Defendant chose to enter a guilty plea and therefore cannot later blame attorney for not having ordered ballistics report prior to plea proceedings.

Evidence Case Law

Chadwell vs. Koch Refining Co. LP
Notes of Union Stewart attempted to be offered by Plaintiff to prove the truth of the matter of Plaintiff's version of events.

Tort Case Law

Young vs. City of Little Rock
Arresting officer and clerk not liable for wrongful arrest by waiting for Judge's review after becoming aware wrong person may have been arrested.

Health & Fitness

Check Your Stress Level
Health and Wellness
Jae Hun Kim Tae Kwon Do Institute
Jae H. Kim Tae Kwon Do Institute-Korea
Jae H. Kim Taekwondo - Seattle
J. H. Kim Taekwondo Institute - Singapore

Intellectual Property

The following Intellectual Property Links are provided by The University of Iowa College of Law.

IP, Patent and Scientific Associations:

American Bar Association -IP Section
American Intellectual Property Law Association
Intellectual Property Owners Association
International Federation of Intellectual Property Lawyers
Association of Patent Law Firms
Chartered Institute of Patent Agents
National Association of Patent Practitioners
American Chemical Society
National Center for Biotechnology Information
Biotechnology Industry Organization


Library of Congress Copyright Office
The Copyright Clearance Center On-Line (CCC)
Copyright Society of the United States of America
Motion Picture Association of America
Music Publishers' Association of the United States
Recording Industry Association of America
Computer Law Association
Software & Information Industry Association

Trademark and Domain Names:

United States Patent & Trademark Office
International Trademark Association
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)
Domain Name Lookup

Licensing, Technology Transfer and Commercialization:

International Licensing Industry Merchandisers' Association
Licensing Executives Society
Association for Federal Technology Transfer Excellence

Patent Authorities and Government Organizations:

US Patent and Trademark Office
World Intellectual Property Organization (PCT)
Intellectual Property Digital Library
European Patent Office
World Trade Organization

News and Search Portals

Yahoo! News Headlines
YoYsearch - a web portal with ten types of search options
MSNBC News Headlines
Moreover Topical News Headlines
IDG Net Technology News

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