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Pre-Law/First-Year Students



MyBarPrep for Law Students

Law school is a challenging process where you will be exposed to thousands of cases that document the development of numerous legal concepts.

MyBarPrep's Membership section contains simple explanations of complex legal concepts that will accelerate your understanding of the law.

Your First-Year of law school requires that you rapidly develop a thorough understanding of the areas of Constitutional Law, Contracts, Criminal Law and Procedure, Evidence, Property, and Torts.

Discover the general principles that you need to know to excel on your law school examinations.

Law school examinations are dramatically different from your college and graduate school assignments and require that you develop a writing style that highlights the issues, rules, applications, and conclusions to indicate to a law school professor that you are thinking like a lawyer.

As a Pre-Law or First-Year student you will receive 12 practice essays with model answers free!
As a MyBarPrep Member, you will enjoy access to:

  • Daily tips to reinforce the distinctions taught to you by our exclusive study tools;
  • Over 200 pages of printable outlines covering the major courses taught during the First-Year of law school; and
  • Hundreds of fact patterns and explanations that will teach you how to quickly spot key issues on your final exams.

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