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MyBarPrep is strongly committed to the privacy of our Members. We know privacy is a concern to most Internet users and we want to communicate the limited circumstances under which we may collect information and how we will use any information you provide to us.

For Members of MyBarPrep: You join by completing a form providing information to register for Membership. This information is then associated with your Username and Password. By collecting this information, our secure payment solution provider is able to determine the validity of your credit card, email address, and postal address. Some or all of the data collected will then be received by MyBarPrep. We will collect and store your name and email address to ascertain the validity of your Username and Password.

Our secure payment solution provider (RegSoft) may share data you provide to third parties solely for the purpose of verifying the payment solution you choose, (i.e. your credit card in the event of suspected fraud), and will contact the proper authorities and provide some or all data collected. RegSoft's privacy policy is available for your review.

MyBarPrep will not share, sell or reveal your data except in the event of suspected fraud. In which case, we may share any and all data collected with those whom we believe are the appropriate authorities.

We review our site statistics from time to time and this data tells us the number of users visiting the site each day and if they were referred by another Web site. Typically the statistics we review do not allow for identification of individual users, though it might tell us the originating ISP's of users. Should we obtain information through our statistics program, we do not retain it and will not share this information with any outside entities except as specified below.

We review site statistical information to make sure each of our site pages are relevant, useful, and rendered correctly. We like to know which pages are most beneficial and which are not being frequently used so that we may continue to provide the best content in areas of interest to site Members.

Any information about a Web site visitor coming into our possession will not be sold, traded or given to anyone other than security experts and/or law enforcement or those we hire to assist us in protecting our site. The only reason for our revealing information to these entities would be because:

  • For one reason or another we are compelled under law to provide this information;
  • You have given us an expressed written request to share information to specific people in order to assist you in some way;
  • Someone attempts to gain unauthorized access to our Web site and/or servers, deface Web pages, send Spam to our users, etc. In this case, we are committed to quickly revealing any and all data available to law enforcement, our security personnel, those that maintain our servers; and/or security experts; or
  • We become aware of potentially criminal or harassing behavior by a Web site visitor.

    If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy policy, we invite you to contact us.

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