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Are you intimidated by the bar exam? Our course will make things easy for you. A comprehensive bar exam supplement that will improve your score.

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Learn how to spot when a third-party beneficiary's rights vest, determine specific intent crimes, and distinguish between an easement, profit, and license while taking the most stressful exam of your academic career. Every time you receive an email from us, you will be delighted and fascinated because every week we will show you patterns you can use to improve your bar exam score.

Unlike other bar review companies, MyBarPrep is the only one that will give you unlimited email support for all of your questions.

  • Over 2,500 Bar Exam Review Questions.
  • Includes Official Bar Exam Review Materials!
  • Receive Bar Exam Review Access for 365 Days.

MyBarPrep materials are effective because we provide:

1. Several outlines for each Multistate Bar Exam (MBE) topic in different formats;
2. Legal summaries that further reinforce the materials covered in the outlines;
3. Online flashcards;
4. Complex materials, which are gradually exposed to students in a systemic manner;
5. Practice questions every 48 hours via email with detailed explanations;
6. A growing database of questions including comprehensive legal commentaries;
7. Career advice; and
8. Legal research tips.

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